PVC Ball Valve

PVC Ball Valve

A very warm welcome to one of the sublime and organizations of India! We are the prime manufacturer and supplier of PVC Ball Valve. We have been praised for growing promptly and providing the customers our supreme quality. Our products are having the sharp accuracy in dimensions, excellent strength and immense productivity. PVC is the abbreviation of Poly Vinyl Chloride.


PVC Ball Valve is used in many areas. But it is widely used in agriculture and irrigation sectors. For instance, in the drip irrigation method, it is used to distribute water evenly to the plants in the field..


It is available in different sizes ranging from 15 millimeter to 80 millimeter. The color is of the combination of white and blue. The handle is of blue and the body is of white color. It is manufactured with the strong material. It contains high durability which helps it to resist the damage even under the adverse situations. The material which is used in manufacturing it is Poly Propylene material.

1 Size 15mm To 80mm
2  Body Color White
3 Connection Plain
4 Handle color Blue
5 Stem Poly Propylene
6 Ball
Poly Propylene
7 Body Poly Propylene
8 Steam ‘o’ Ring Nitrile Rubber
9 Cap Poly Propylene
10 Handle Poly Propylene
11 Seats EPDM
12 Screw M.S