Single Piece Valve (Black)

Single Piece Valve (Black)

We have a Single Piece Valve range for our esteemed customers at affordable rates in black color. It is mainly designed for drip irrigation. Furthermore, it is also used in industrial, agriculture & the domestic field for watering systems. It is available in size from 50mm to 80mm..

Technical Specifications:

It has a One piece body constructed as a Single body and it has been tested at 8 kg/cm² pressure.

1 Size 15mm To 80mm
2  Body Color black
3 Connection Plain / Threaded
4 Handle color black
5 Stem Poly Propylene
6 Ball
Poly Propylene
7 Body Poly Propylene
8 Steam ‘o’ Ring Nitrile Rubber
9 Cap Poly Propylene
10 Handle Poly Propylene
11 Seats EPDM
12 Screw M.S